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Join us for an unforgettable horse-riding adventure in the Brecon Beacons, exploring the hills on a beautiful Welsh Section D cob.

Pub or picnic lunch included.

£135 per person.

For competent adult/teenage riders under 13 stone.

Get a taste of the Trans-Wales magic in just one day! 

The fun starts on the yard where all riders get stuck in with grooming and tacking up the horses – don’t worry, we will give you plenty of help and show you how we do things.

By mid-morning we are out on the trail. You can expect relaxed riding through woods, country lanes, old drover tracks and bridle-paths, with long canters and gallops across the nearby open commons of Pengenfford and Talgarth.

If the weather is on our side, we can get high up into the mountains where you will earn some fantastic views, although the scenery is great from low-down too!

Some of the trails can be twisty, turny, up and down, bumpy and stony, but our Welsh cobs are built for the terrain, and are incredibly sure-footed – you’ll be amazed at what they can handle!

Time for a welcome break over lunch!  We tie up our horses, loosen girths and remove bridles, and horses and riders alike take a well-earned rest. Sometimes we’re at the pub, sometimes a picnic if the weather is nice, and sometimes a cafe down by a lake or beside a newly-restored working mill in the village. Lunch is usually sandwiches and chips, or something similarly simple.

Lunch is included in the price but riders will need to bring some change for drinks during lunch if we go to a pub or cafe, or we ask you to bring along your water bottle if we’re having a picnic.

Back in the saddle after lunch, we enjoy another couple of hours riding in the afternoon, before turning for home and reaching the yard around 4pm. Riders help groom and feed their horses at the end of the day, before relaxing over a well earned cup of tea and slice of cake up at the farmhouse with the group.

Total riding time is around 3.5 – 4 hours, which is usually plenty for most people! The ride is designed to be relaxed but adventurous, with a certain pace to it, rather than a ‘trek’ where horses ride nose to tail. Our aim is that you’ll feel like you are out riding with a group of friends, in control of your own horse.

What do I need to bring?

Please come wearing jodhpurs, boots and bring your hat and body protector if you wish to wear one. We also have a selection of old but serviceable jodhpurs, boots and hats for you to borrow if need be. We ride in all weather, so it never hurts to bring a long coat or rain-coat along.

Bring some change for a drink at the pub.

Can I come for less than a full day? 

Occasionally we can run a private half day – please enquire.

Do you take children? 

We can take competent children from age 12, but they must have the stamina for the hours in the saddle and for the adult conversation! For family groups, it may be better to consider a private ride.




“Absolutely lovely and characterful horses, which were amazingly sure-footed; fantastic and extremely knowledgeable guide who took us at our own pace. Area beautiful and we were very lucky to have fine weather. Really loved the ‘getting-to-know-your-horse’ grooming session at the beginning of the day. Looking forward to coming again!”

“The quality of riding here is excellent and exhilarating – this is NOT for people who aren’t experienced riders. The pace is fast and the horses have personalities and they are fit. ”

“There is something very special about this place that makes you want to return year on year. The horses are strong, sure footed, so happy and well cared for. They look after you on all terrain to make sure you have the ride of your life.”

“I’ve not come across horses like this before as they combine perfect manners with being very forward going in the nicest meaning of the words.”

“Not for complete novices as the gallops are fast and exhilarating, but you can trust the ponies and sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery! Wonderful also to take care of your own horse at the beginning and end of the day. We will be back next year!”

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